Burton case study

Sincehis company has created snowboarding gear that sets the standards for the rest of the industry. In order to be successful, his motto is to "always focus on the sport and everything else took care of it self.

Burton case study

So customers prefer to choose Burton rather than its competitors.

Burton case study

Rush,it enhances Burtons operational performance. And the improvement odd this process also reduces the distribution costs and increases delivery times. Cause the SAP analysts instead people to do this process, it saves the cost of human resource.

And it saves time to deliver products to customers and avoid wrong delivery Immensely. So UT can increase delivery times with least distribution costs. And this process can help Burton get payment timely and exactly.

Because of the accurate Nor of SAP, Burton can analyses the quantities to every retail customer and get the moment without errors. All of the benefits of improvement of the order-to-cash process can attract more customers.

Hence,it is good for Burtons operational performance. The procure-to-pay process also make significant contributes to the operation of Burton.

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With the help of SAP, Burton can make right decisions about purchase problems such as overdue purchase orders, misleading purchase orders and prepayment or accruals purchase orders. Burton can connect with its suppliers timely. For overdue purchase orders, Burton can make decisions whether keep the cooperative relationship with the suppliers or not if it happens more than one times.

And it also ensure the continuity of production. It prevents the production downtime due to inadequate materials. And the improvement of this process also prevent Burton from purchasing bad quality of materials but high price problem.

So it ensures the quality of Burtons products and reduce the finance risks. Hence, the improvement of procure-to-pay process improves logistics management. Lots of items are moving from warehouse to warehouse and lots of transactions occurs in every warehouse every day.

It can help Burton to make decisions in time if wrong transaction happens. And it also can reduce the cost of inventory. Improvement the process of reporting inventory can help its suppliers and customers easily get current information about the position and the availability of the ordering products.

Hence, it can save costs and get long term cooperation with customers and suppliers, and make extra profit.

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The improvement f management dashboard also help Burton operate efficiently. It helps Burton to monitor the running information of each process at a fixed period.

The decision makers can make accurate decisions for the operation, if they find out any wrong steps of business steps happen, they can modify the steps and reduce the loss. They also can use dashboard to get information about the successful or unsuccessful sales of each items.

So they can adjust the scheme of product line. And the decision makers have more time to do R and develop more good products that have good quality. And Burton can get huge benefits during reorder season by using SAP.

It ensure the continuity of the supply of burtons products. It helps the decision maker handle the production timely and efficiently. Conclusion return have solved a set of problems when it expanded into global company, the threat of stocking and managing inventory was reduces by using SAP enterprise software.

Burtons decision makers can monitor the business process and make right elections in time. The competitive advantages nave become strong obstacles tort competitors. So IT technology plays an important role in business operation.

Improving IT technology can improve its operation efficiently.Burton case study - Part 2.

Burton case study

Introduction Burton is a manufacturing global enterprise that produces equipment,closing,and related accessories for snowboards。. Read through the following case study carefully before answering the questions. This is an individual assignment.

Burton Snowboards Speeds Ahead with Nimble Business Processes When we hear “snowboarding”, we tend to think of snow-covered slopes, acrobatic jumps, and high-flying entertainment.

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Burton attributed to the development of the sport of snowboarding, as it was the first and oldest manufacturer. The company has a loyal customer base and an established retail distribution channel.

Burton provides customers with an interactive online website. MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING CASE STUDY 2 This paper will discuss the processes and procedures that I would utilize in providing counseling to my client, Roger.

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