Four marketing ps for london olimpics

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Four marketing ps for london olimpics

In the beginning

God save The King The world is watching as the planets most glamorous bachelor makes his way around the planet. In February he is Chile and the Royal Yacht as docked at Puerto Monte where we landed and he has come to Porto Octay where we are today to stay in the still splendid Hotel Centinla across the bay.

You can imagine all the village dignitaries in their stiff suits and collars,their squeaky shoes all paying their respects. The band playing tunes from both countries. But on the way back tragedy strikes. The boat collides with another and sinks and all the band drown.

Today all that is left of this almost farcical tragedy is a memorial plaque by the jettys edge. The day we went the jetty was fall of small boys diving in like Huckleberry Finn before them.

Laughter and sunshine ,all a long way from that tragedy all those years ago. I wonder if any one told Edward. Sir something awful had happened. Not now I am waiting for a phone call. No the band that played at lunch have all drowned.

Oh gawd send them our condolences. Alright make it our sincere condolences. Today is our first bad weather day. So walks to local beauty spot canceled. This area is one of the freaks of the world.

The graveyards are full of Volkes,Ebels, Springers,Puscehels and the like. Possibly no more freaky than finding Marlow in the Himalayas but still. The main beer is called Kuntsmann. Well count me in.

This lake is huge - all sq. The bikes were good quality but no tarred road for us, just a very dusty, bumpy dirt track skirting the lake. After 15 miles we dropped anchor for lunch and sat in a field overlooking the lake with our sandwiches.

Bumpbed our way back to Puerto Octay and after fours hours in the saddle my bottom could take no more. First experience of rain today so have bussed ourselves in Puerto Varas to do some research and planning for our next stop - the remote island of Chiloe off west coast.

Toad Toads meet a Frog We are in heaven. The Chilean lakes especially the more remote are nearly untouched,accessible by dirt track only,the hills that tumble down to the huge clear lakes untouched and forested.

In the back ground are the snow kissed volcanoes. Yesterday we drove to such a lake,were ferried across to hot springs,swum in clear water and dived for clams,sat in thermals until our bums burned and then went to lunch in a farmhouse.

Four marketing ps for london olimpics

In the meantime the two villages at each end of the lake were having their annual joust. First the football and then the horse racing. The day was finished by a two hour walk back along the lake where we met our frog. The path opened up into a field where there were at least four exits.

Since we were following the lake I decided on the lowest. Mrs Toad as she often is was not so sure of my decision. As it happened in the field was a run down barn in which sat a very run down fellow with an extremely long beard.

Mrs Toad claims he was mending a bee hive. Our man in the barn who immediately jumped up and started pointing to the mountains on the other side of the Olympic Games is expensive - and only becoming more so in an era of heightened security concerns (e.g.

Cashman, ). The budget . This report research and analyse marketing environment for the London Olympic Games for , using set of tools known as marketing mix.

This paper is referred to 4P’s: product, price, promotion, place and their importance for the London Olympics.

Four Marketing P’s for London Olimpics Essay Sample

The London Olympics cost around billion USD at a time when London did not have to construct most of the infrastructure for the Games. the Beijing ’08 Olympics provides a few simple examples on cost minimisation. There were four university stadia that hosted the Olympic events in eight disciplines.

PS: China was the first host of. Watch video · Michael Phelps followed his coach to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where Bowman coached the Wolverines' swim team, to study sports marketing and management.

"The four Ps represent the sellers' view of the marketing tools available for influencing buyers. From a buyer's point of view, each marketing tool is designed to deliver a customer benefit." (Koffer, Chapter 1). Essay about Four Marketing P's for London Olimpics Content Executive.

Four Marketing P's for London Olimpics. Topics: Summer "The four Ps represent the sellers' view of the marketing tools available for influencing buyers.

From a buyer's point of view, each marketing tool is designed to deliver a customer benefit." (Koffer, Chapter 1).

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