Terrorism in the us essay writers

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Terrorism in the us essay writers

Example Essays Example essay on Terrorism: The interrelated law and order issues of Organised Transnational Crime OTCthe illicit drug trade and terrorism, are those which are most threatening to international security today. Increasingly since the end of the cold war, threats to national security are coming from these grey area phenomena and due to the process of globalisation, threats to national security can threaten international security.

This essay will examine how OTC, terrorism and international drug trafficking are affecting all aspects of human security and it will be seen that it is increasingly difficult to clearly distinguish the difference between these issues. It will be shown that these particular GAP are the most threatening due to; the range of aspects of security they threaten, the convergence of and partnership between OTC and terrorism, the growing lethality of terrorism and the disparity of capabilities and effectiveness between these groups and the law enforcement and security bodies attempting to combat them.

The new global economy has presented new opportunities for criminal organisations. As a result, organisations and networks have increased in size and power and many have developed interests beyond their country of origin.

Criminal organisations have developed to resemble transnational terrorism in the us essay writers which treat national borders as nothing more than minor inconveniences to their criminal enterprises. The drug trade has the ability to penetrate all aspects of society and can threaten the social, political and economic security of nations, regions and the global community.

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Through corruption of state employees, transnational crime syndicates have the ability to undermine legitimate political processes.

In the post Cold War era, concerns have increasingly focused on security aspects other than the traditional concerns of political, military and sovereign integrity.

The economic and social security of nations and its populations is becoming more important to security analysts and policy makers. The social impact of the drug trade may not necessarily be the most threatening to security but is probably the impact most felt by the majority of citizens within a society.

The importance of programmes and clinics to help those with an addiction problem or associated health or medical problem diverts funds from other areas of the economy. Finance of resources to combat OTC and the drug trade also diverts money from other sectors of the economy. Destabilisation of a financial system can also occur through the process of money laundering Chalk: The threat of terrorism also looms large on the international stage, especially since the events of Sept 11 in New York and in Bali on Oct 12 Due to these events, Militant Islamic terrorism is the focus of much of the international effort against terrorism and is seen as an immediate threat to international security.

The difference between terrorists and OTC syndicates is largely determined by their motives and objectives. While OTC will usually focus on the acquisition of profits and power, militant Islamic terrors purpose is commonly identified as the eradication of infidel.

In this, they are becoming much more proficient. One of the reasons for this proficiency is the availability and affordability of weapons and supporting technology left over from old Cold War conflicts Chalkp. As separate law and order issues, Organised Transnational Crime and non-profit motivated terrorism constitute immediate threats to international security.

There is however, an escalating trend towards cooperation and indeed a convergence between these two groups, so much so that is becoming more difficult to distinguish between them. Since the end of the Cold War, state sponsored and subsidised terrorism has declined and terrorist organisations have turned to criminal like activities to fund operations Jamiesonp.

The most common and threatening of these activities is drug trafficking which offers dividends that can often lead revolutionary groups to neglect their ideals. Hezbollah operates a narcotics export operation out of the Bekaa Valley in the Middle East, has ties with the insurgent Kurdistan Workers Party and with Russian organised crime and is a good example of a group turning to crime to fund their terror operations.

On the other hand, organised crime groups are increasing their use of terror tactics. The cooperation between and convergence of OTC and terrorism naturally poses a larger threat to international security than if they operated alone.

terrorism in the us essay writers

The direct threats of OTC, the Drug trade and terrorism have been recognised but a related threat must also be addressed. This threat comes from a disparity between the capabilities of OTC and terrorist groups and the ability of governments to stop their activities. This is exacerbated by the effects of globalisation.

Naim best describes this situation Never fettered by the niceties of sovereignty, they [OTCs and terrorists] are now increasingly free of geographic constraints. Moreover, globalisation has not only expanded illegal markets and boosted the size and the resources of criminal networks, it has also imposed more burdens on governments: Tighter public budgets, decentralisation, privatisation, deregulation and a more open environment for national trade and investment all make the task of fighting global criminal more difficult.

Governments are made up of cumbersome bureaucracies that generally cooperate with difficulty, but drug traffickers, arms dealers, alien smugglers, counterfeiters and money launderers have refined networking to a high science, entering into complex and improbable strategic alliances that span cultures and continents.

It is clear from this that governments need to redefine notions of sovereignty in order to foster more international cooperation within the framework of strengthened international institutions.

Organised Transnational Crime activities, particularly narcotics trafficking, are a serious threat to international security. They can destabilise a nation socially, politically and economically, which in turn can lead to destabilisation in the international community.

The increasing occurrence and lethality of militant Islamic terrorism also creates concern for international stability. The most significant threat however, comes from a convergence of OTC and terrorism and the international communitys inability to react effectively to this increasing phenomena.Terrorism is nearly wholly regarded as a malicious practice and is a major cause in the United States for cultural disputes.

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To get a paper off to a great start, writers should try to have a first sentence that engages their reader. This first sentence should be broadly related to the topic of the essay..

Ways writers can begin. Terrorism has a longer history than even that of modern states. It has existed for several centuries. Over the past decades, terrorist attacks have resulted into massive and ruthless killing of innocent civilians. There are several reasons why increased airport security such as the use of full body scanners, intrusive searches, etc.

is not effective against terrorism; however, there is no doubt that the United States has improved its domestic security since the early s.4/5(41).

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